ISO v3.0 signal instructions

Introduction to ISO Signal Service

We have created a completely new signal system for you. An automatic robot generates signals to open a position for price increases and decreases. The new streamlined algorithm is designed to support you in trading decisions.
Remember that using signals does not release you from taking care of your transactions. Each time check the position size, take a look at the chart, check the economic calendar.

You can always work out a strategy for using signals. For example, just after the signal appears, you can wait for a better market price. You can also split a single signal into 2 or more transactions, where positions entries will have different entry prices.

Be sure to read the disclaimer. We provide a tool to help you trade, but this is not trading advice, we cannot take responsibility for your investment decisions.

Our binary options signals sent by ISO Signal Service contain data that helps you make decisions. However, you should always verify the signals and check with your strategy.

ISO Signals overview
ISO Signals overview

Our signals are displayed in real-time in the table. Each new signal is displayed with full information and is additionally confirmed by a sound, thanks to which you will be able to react quickly.
The table columns contain:

  1. Chart Time Frame is the chart interval on which the system generated a signal. This interval is the same as the signal expiration time. For example, if the Chart Time Frame is 5 minutes, it means that the option should be open immediately for the next 5 minutes.
  2. The Direction is simply the suggested direction for opening a position. The green up arrow forecasts a price increase, the red down arrow predicts a price decrease.
  3. The Asset is the name of the instrument for which the signal is dedicated. Observe the table carefully to choose the right instrument for the signal on the trading platform.
  4. Current Price. This column displays the price of the instrument when the system generates a signal. Try to open the option based on the signal only if the market price has not escaped too far. You can also try to enter at a price better than Current Price.
  5. Time is the exact time the signal appeared. The options position should be opened as soon as possible after the signal occurs.

Example transaction based on a signal generated by an ISO algorithm

At 15:20:11 a signal for a Eurodollar (EURUSD) appeared. The price associated with the signal is 1.09805. The forecast market direction is a decline. Look at the picture below.

Signal for 5 minutes EURUSD
Signal for 5 minutes EURUSD

Now the job is yours. Please follow a screenshot below. You must select an asset (1) on your trading platform. Next, set the expiration time (2) (it must be 5 minutes because a signal was generated for such a chart time frame). You have to specify the amount for the trade you are opening (3) and the direction – in this case, you expect the price to fall (4).

How to enter a trade based on signal on IQ Option platform
How to enter a trade based on signal on the IQ Option platform

It is known that there are no signals that are 100% effective. Keep this in mind and use a trade amount that is adapted to your capital.

After you have completed your trade, it is always worthwhile to have a look at the ticket available in your trading history. There you will see information about the time and prices that were present at the opening and closing of the position.

Closed position report
Closed position report

PRO-TIP. Please note that you don’t have to take every signal generated by the system. For example, you can only focus on assets with a high payout rate. On most platforms, you can also have several charts open at the same time, so you can quickly choose the right instrument.

You can keep open a few chart to have easy access to them when the new signal appear
You can keep open a few charts to have easy access to them when the new signal appears

As you can see, using our signals is easy, but it is a good idea to practice handling them first in your demo account. In this way, you will gain proficiency in setting up transactions according to the signals. Our signals can be used with both digital and binary options. It is important that the expiry time is compatible with the signal time frame.

We wish you successful trading!