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If you operate or own a website/blog in the binary options or financial space, or you somehow have access to individuals who might be interested in trading, we’re looking for you. We would love for you to be our partner by joining our affiliate program and promoting our services for a share of our profit.

About Us and our binary options signals service

Investingstockonline.com is an investment information platform that provides up-to-date, quality information on a wide range of trading options and brokers. We offer the latest reviews and news on the industry-leading investment options in the market.

More specifically, our signals.investingstockonline.com platform is a binary options alarm that alerts you about the market trading conditions, signaling on good market conditions as per our well-thought-out, unique trading strategy. In short, it’s a 100% free signal service that everybody can use for free.

We developed a custom trading strategy that technically analyses the market and relays the information to our readers. We promise up to 80% win rate on our forecast working in the mid-volatile and calm markets. Our binary options signals are sent by ISO Signal Service and have all the details our visitors need to make an informed decision.

Our visitors get information on the time the signal was relayed, the price at the time of sending the signal, the strike price, the time of expiration (this is essentially that time when the trader needs to close his trade) and the direction of each trade.

What you get from our affiliate program

Our binary options signals service affiliate program is a great way to make nearly passive income from your usual online advertising efforts. We offer the highest commission rate than any other player in the industry – we pay a 90% commission for every new customer of our platform. I will let that sink in as I give you some more reasons why you should join our affiliate program.

Why Promote Us?

Commissions: We offer 50% commission when you refer a customer to signals.investingstockonline.com –it’s exciting, we just had to mention it again.

100% free: Our platform is a 100% free signal service that everybody can use –for free. What’s more? Your referrals don’t have to open any account, register with any service or broker, or make any deposit. This means whoever you refer will be more inclined to come and try our services risk-free.

  • Premium Service: Of course, you might be wondering how our platform makes money. We have a premium service where paid users get access to the telegram group and receive signals instantly without delay. Our telegram membership additionally offers access to support group chat and allows users to discuss their trade moves with other members. The premium service also has better accuracy, work with up to 15 assets and allows access to strategy videos.
  • Robust notification system: Our platform has a notification system that users can join to get a notification when a new signal launches. This works with the free signals as well so users get pulled back to the site again and again. With this options in place, there is a huge chance that your referrals will eventually upgrade to the paid signals. The best part is the notifications work even when the browser is closed.
  • Up to 80% win rate on our forecast: this is literally unbeatable, and your referrals will be thrilled you recommend our platform to them. Most other binary Options Signal platforms offer up to a maximum of 60% to 70% forecast win rate.
  • Custom-made, unique trading strategy: Our system was developed from scratch –with the aim of making it robust and easy to use. It performs technical market analysis and relays the information to premium users in real time. Talking of ease of use, all our new forecast signals have all the information our visitor needs to make a trading decision, and it’s very easy for visitors to understand the implications of each signal.

Incredible conversion rate: Our current affiliates are enjoying high conversion rates (visitors > subscribers) for promoting signals.investingstockonline.com thanks to our 100% free signals option, high forecast win rate, unique system, and excellent customer support system.

How to Join our Affiliate Program

Signing up for our affiliate program is pretty easy. All you need is to fill out our affiliate program signup form  below and we will offer you access to your dashboard where you access your personal affiliate link.

Feel free to contact us if need any further help.

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